Vendor-neutral blog

      How to write a professional tender response
              A comprehensive and succinct eGuide with insights and practical tips               from our experience as impartial 3rd party advising tender issuers               and respondents.
              Posted February 2013

      How to professionally issue a tender
              ... and manage the vendor selection process - saving time, money,               and stress
              Posted February 2013

      How to negotiate effectively
              You can negotiate effectively towards a practical agreement and               a sustainable business save time, money, and stress.
              Posted February 2013

      Getting IT projects to SUCCEED
              How a method of impartial professional facilitation can bridge               paradigms and perspectives, to bring IT projects to success
              Posted February 2013

      Why do so many IT projects fail?
              A guide to communication strategies towards project success
              Posted May 2012

      5 Steps to selecting the best vendor
              How to prevent client-supplier disputes
              Posted July 2011

      How to negotiate effectively
              5 Critical Negotiation Checkpoints
              Posted June 2010

      Managing change
              4 Levers of managing change professionally
              Posted April 2008

      IT governance
              Running IT like a business
              Posted May 2007

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