Services: FOCUS

FOCUS technology project planning on
...your business drivers

We work with you at the tactical level to scope your technology application project planning in your business context, engineer the business processes impacted, define your project requirements, explore alternative ways to reach your project objectives, and define the solutions that will fit your existing systems architecture or information architecture.

We make sure the complexity of the technology does not cause a lack of focus on the intended purpose of the application and how to maximise its use to these business drivers.

We see a project as a defined and time limited effort to accomplish a particular business objective. Our independent FOCUS services make sure your project plan in time, choice of resources, and activity is geared towards reaching your project objectives.

Project Planning: Core expertise

Requirement analysis

Project planning

Change planning

Process re-engineering

Solution architecture

Other services

As you proceed on your journey we can provide specific follow up work to ACCOMPLISH business benefits from your project outcomes.

Throughout your journey we have specialist services to ensure you CONNECT your stakeholders to unify their contributions with a common understanding of your intentions.

We also provide services to DISCOVER if and how technology can help your business strategy and identify clear project objectives.