Services: CONNECT

Connect your stakeholders unify their contributions

Central to our approach is to ensure we CONNECT your stakeholders to unify their contributions with a common understanding of your intentions. To manage, avoid, or resolve conflicts, as necessary.

Our CONNECT services ensure that business context, goals, priorities, underlying needs, and expectations of stakeholders are clarified and communicated for explicit decision making.

Where needed we link motivations of individuals involved in your project to your project objectives. We ensure that any issues are respectfully dealt with, early in the process.

Through our facilitation of discussions with and amongst stakeholders we resolve misalignment as soon as anyone becomes aware of it. This proven approach prevents escalation of any issue. We leverage differences for a stronger outcome. Rather than avoiding confrontations based on fear, we bring out the richness of varied perspectives for a stronger outcome.

Where external contributors are required we design and manage a sourcing process for required skills, software products, and services. This typically involves a formal or informal competitive tender process, negotiations and practical drafting of agreements.

If we are engaged only later in the process when relationships suffer and misalignment is evident, we provide issue and conflict management services to deal with the situation optimally. We prevent escalations, and aim to bridge viewpoints and neutralise miscommunications with mutual respect.

All our CONNECT services throughout a project lifecycle take into account possible longer term consequences of decisions so that any issues can be anticipated, understood, assessed, and incorporated into your chosen way forward.

Core expertise

Tender management

Vendor selection

Product / Services selection

Procurement Management


Practical contract drafting

Conciliation / Mediation

Conflict management

Conflict resolution

Other services

We also provide services to DISCOVER if and how technology can help your business strategy and identify clear project objectives.

As you proceed on your journey we can provide services to FOCUS your technology application projects on your business drivers and ACCOMPLISH business benefits from your project outcomes.